Esperanza Overview

We have taken the best aspects of halfway houses, treatment centers, and sober houses and fused them into one unique twelve step community. We are committed to offering our residents

single occupancy, furnished apartments.

This emphasizes independence within our supportive recovery based community. The Esperanza maintains a high standard of resident support and involvement.

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A Vision of Hope

For each of us on the road to recovery, the transition from the structured environment of a treatment center or halfway house to reestablishing a responsible and fulfilling role in society can be difficult as well as anxiety provoking. The mission of The Esperanza is to help soften and strengthen that transition in a community of sobriety motivated individuals interacting with and supporting each other. To soften the burden of loneliness of each of our individual struggles and strengthen our resolve through determination of us all, together-that is the spirit of The Esperanza.

Esperanza Overview
Quick Contacts

2820 Reagan St. Dallas, TX 75219
Phone: 214-824-6100
Cell: 214-995-8255